Alcoutim - Covered swimming pool with heating systemMoncarapacho - Covered swimming pool with heating systemPrivate Swimming Pool - Moncarapacho, July 2014Private Swimming Pool - Moncarapacho, July 2014Private Swimming Pool - Moncarapacho, Agosto 2013Private Swimming Pool - Estoi - 1997Praia da Galé - Covered swimming pool with heating system - 2011Albufeira - Covered swimming pool with heating systemPrivate Swimming Pool - EstoiPrivate Swimming Pool - EstoiPrivate Villa - Swimming Pool in Cerro de São MiguelPrivate Villa - Swimming Pool in Cerro de São MiguelMy Center - Tennis Court, Covered Swimming pool, heating system - Montenegro - Faro, 2011Praia da Galé - Albufeira - 2010 - Adults swimming pool with automatic floating coverGalé Beach - Albufeira, 2008 - Swimming pool with automatic cover and heating systemPrivate Villa - Estoi, 2011Private Swimming Pool - Boliqueime - 2007Private Swimming Pool - Almancil - 2008Hotel Longevity - Monchique - 2011Private Villa - Estoi, 2011Hotel Longevity - Monchique - 2011My Center - Tennis Court, Covered Swimming pool, heating system - Montenegro - Faro, 2011My Center - Tennis Court, Covered Swimming pool, heating system - Montenegro - Faro, 2011My Center - Tennis Court, Covered Swimming pool, heating system - Montenegro - Faro, 2011My Center - Tennis Court, Covered Swimming pool, heating system - Montenegro - Faro, 2011Estoi, 2004 - Heated indoor swimming poolVilamoura, 2005 - Outdoor swimming pool with an automatic floating cover, heating and hydro massage systemEstoi, Cerro Azul, 2008 - Automatic, floating coverPooldeck - Deck covers. Aesthetically pleasing and increased security. Automatic or manual opening.Swimming Pool with Over-Flow - Gale Beach - Albufeira, 2009Swimming Pool with Over-Flow - Gale Beach - Albufeira, 2009Sóia Morais e Margarida Valagão II - St. Bábara de Nexe, 2009Sóia Morais e Margarida Valagão II - St. Bábara de Nexe, 2009Sóia Morais e Margarida Valagão II - St. Bábara de Nexe, 2009Hotel Formosa Park - Vale do Lobo, 1997J.Guerreiro e Filhos - Boliqueime, 2007Real Lota Apartments - Lota Beach, 2002Santa Bárbara, 2005 - Pool with WaterfallVila Vita - Armação de Pera, 1997Vila Vita - Armação de Pera, 1997Elevated cover exampleLuz de Tavira, 2001 - Covered swimming pool with heating systemLuz de Tavira, 2001 - Covered swimming pool with heating systemUpper cover exampleVilamoura, Vila Sol, 2001 - Swimming pool for adults, children and hydro massageHotel Olympus - Vilamoura, 1989 - Main Swimming Pool and Tennis CourtHotel Olympus - Vilamoura, 1989 - Main Swimming PoolHotel Olympus - Vilamoura, 1989 - Second Swimming PoolUpper cover exampleLoulé, 2004 - Integrated swimming poolOlhão, 2009 - Heated swimming pool with manual plastic coverPraia da Galé, Albufeira, 2008 - Heated swimming pool with floating coverElevated cover exampleEstoi, Serro de São Miguel, 1994 - Free shape swimming poolEstoi, 2004 - Indoor swimming pool, heating system, cover, jet stream swimming system, hydro massage and terrace viewMontegordo, 2008 - Upper cover example for hydro massageEstoi, 2005 - Exterior swimming poolAlbufeira, 2008 - Telescopic and floating cover, heating system, counter-current swimming and hydro massageEstoi, Azinheiro, 2005 - All year covered, heated, outdoor swimming poolSilves, Alcantarilha, 2006 - Free shape swimming pools for adults and childrenFaro, 2003 - Covered Swimming pool, heating system, counter-current and hydro massage system.Estoi, 1992 - Outdoor pool with irregular shapePraia da Galé, Albufeira, 2000 - Adults swimming pool, children swimming pool and jacuzziPraia da Galé, Albufeira, 2000 - Adults swimming pool and hydro massageQuinta do Lago, 2001 – Private swimming pool with an automatic floating coverElevated cover exampleVilamoura, Vila Sol, 2004 - Pools in urbanisationVilamoura, Vila Sol, 2005 - Free shape swimming pool with heating systemVale do Lobo, 1992 - Swimming pool with adults area, children area and hydro massageEstoi, 2005 - Villa Mocho - Swimming pool with fixed raised coverArmação de Pêra, Vila Vita, 1997 - The resort poolMoncarapacho, 2002 - Hotel da Maragota - “infinity edge” swimming pool for adultsMoncarapacho, 2002 - Swimming pool for adults and childrenVila Vita, Armação de Pêra, 1992 - Free shape swimming poolVilamoura, 1991 - Private swimming poolFaro, Quinta do Eucalipto, 1997 - Private swimming poolLoulé, 2003 - Private swimming pool with hydro massage and “infinity edge” styleVale do Lobo, 1998 - Swimming pool simulating a lake, surrounded in natural stoneEstoi, Serro de São Miguel, 1997 - Swimming pool integrated in garden with stone embroideryVilamoura, 2006 - Swimming pool entrance details and hydro massage areaVilamoura, 2006 - Private Swimming pool with floating cover and hydro massage systemTavira, Altura, 2008 - Heated swimming pool with adaptable coverHydromassage ExampleHydromassage ExampleEstoi, Serro de São Miguel, 1997 - Integrated pool in garden, embroidery in stoneUpper cover exampleEstoi, Moncarapacho, 2008 - Heated pool with automatic cover system and security alarmVale do Lobo, 2000 - Swimming pool with peripheral border made of typical regional stoneEstoi, 2007 - Outdoor pool prepared for heating with floating and upper coverVilamoura, 2004 - Outdoor poolPortimão, 1993 - Implementation phase of the swimming pool structure with a beach access typeAlbufeira, 2008 - Rehabilitation of swimming pool using sprayed concrete - gunite (10 years of structural warranty)Albufeira, 2008 - Rehabilitation of swimming pool, access steps, jet stream and hydro massage systemAlbufeira, 2008 - Recovered pool (by changing the design / construction) with floating and upper covers

Custom Design Pools Construction and refurbishment of indoor and outdoor pools

Swimming pools are our flagship product. We offer a huge range of styles, and since we build totally personalised pools, the only limits are the bounds of your imagination. In other words, the customer tells us what he or she wants and Oasis draws up the entire project accordingly, from the very outset until the pool is ready to be used. Oasis will help you to make the best choices in terms of energy efficiency, technical details and appearance so that your leisure area becomes a pleasant and attractive place to spend time in. We made our mark on the market very early on, partly because we specialise in new techniques in pool building, and partly due to our prices, the quality of our work and the fact that we are very strict about meeting deadlines. We can also help you remodel or refurbish your existing pool.

Covers and Heating Systems Elevated and floating pool covers - energy optimization

We provide various types of elevated and floating covers and heating solutions for your pool. One of our priorities is to maximise the energy efficiency of your pool, so that you can use it year-round and increase your enjoyment. And by keeping energy consumption low you have the added pleasure of knowing that you are recouping on your investment at the same time.

Jacuzzis and Hydro-Massage Systems Construction and remodelling of indoor and outdoor jacuzzis

Spas have become an essential element for those seeking health and well-being. Jacuzzis and hydro-massage systems are ideal for reducing the stress of everyday life, encouraging peaceful meditation while relaxing body and mind. Indoors or outdoors, our jacuzzis and hydro-massage systems will soothe the muscles, improve blood circulation and ease mental stress, promoting energy, health and beauty for the perfect balance of your body. Whatever your specific needs, we can help you create the perfect atmosphere in which to relax with family and friends.


É com grande satisfação que envio cópia do alvará de utilização que foi levantado ontem, sem mais requesitos.
Aproveito a oportunidade para congratular toda a equipa da OASIS pelo excelente desempenho desta exigente tareta ao longo dos 2 anos de obra.
Nunca terei dificuldade em recomendar a empresa a quem quer que seja.
Luis Leal

Dear Eng Candido Sousa,
I had to call urgently on the services of Oasis two weeks ago when I had a serious problem with the filter of my pool.
Once again the technical service I received was outstanding. Your colleague Joao took care of the matter quickly and efficiently, finding the most cost effective solution.
I am conscious that my pool is already 9 years old, however the after sales service I receive from Oasis is always outstanding, and as if I was a new client.
My thanks again to yourself and to Joao for such professional service from Oasis.
Best regards, Graham Waller

Dear Candido,
Coming back from my last visit this year I would like to thank you and all of your poeople for the very good work again on the bathrooms.
Joao Pedro showed me some pictures and I reliazed how necessary it was to renovate these rooms.
Now the house is really in good shape for the future and we were very happy.
I wish you, your familly and all other members of your company happy christmas and a very good and hopefully busy new year.
Best regards, Michael Bogner

For Candido de Sousa who is doing good "green" works in Portugal. With best regards! Dedicatória de Brian Edwards no seu livro "Rough Guide to Sustainability"
Rough Guide to Sustainability - capa Rough Guide to Sustainability - contracapa Rough Guide to Sustainability - dedicatória

Swiming Pool Covers

  • Elevated covers fixed, telescopic or inflatable
  • Floating covers automatic and heat insulating
  • Pooldeck
    Automatic pool deck covers

Swimming Pool Safety

  • Elevated covers
  • Floating and blade covers
  • Pool surround protective barriers
  • Sensors and alarm systems

Swimming Pool Heating

  • Solar panels
  • Heat pumps
  • Gas boilers
  • Electric heating elements

Water Treatment

  • Water softener
  • P.H. control
  • Salt electrolysis
  • Ultra-violet
  • Ozone
  • Bromine
  • Active oxygen
  • Chlorine

Whether you want to build from scratch or do some renovation, schedule a meeting with us so that together we can get your project underway.

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Oasis Clients. Construction of Pools in the Algarve

Hundreds of private customers, condominiums and municipal councils in the Algarve since 1986.

  • Conrad Hotel - Quinta do Lago
  • Soares da Costa, S.A.
  • Amadeu Gaudêncio, S.A.
  • Carlos Eduardo Rodrigues, S.A.
  • Aldeia do Mar
  • Vale do Lobo
  • Quinta do Lago
  • Longevity Resort - Monchique
  • Enatur, S.A.
  • Bovis
  • Alto Golf Club
  • Quinta das Salinas
  • Vila Vita
  • Mantal, S.A.
  • Garvetur
  • Vilamoura Resort
  • Quinta do Perogil
  • Dunas Douradas
  • Universidade do Algarve
  • Tavira Garden
  • Vila Sol

Member of the Portuguese Association of Professional Builders of Pools, Sport and Leisure Facilities APP

Passive house designer certified by the Passivhaus Institut from Germany Passive House Institute

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Tecnilazer, Projects and Constructions, Ltd.
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