The "Oasis House" (Casa Oasis) - Eco Friendly House

One of our constructions, the "Oasis House" in Estoi was assessed by the pilot version of the "LíderA" Sustainability Evaluation System in 2006, contributing to our mutual development. In 2007 it was the first villa in Portugal certified with the A level of high environmental performance standards, and in 2015, after several updates, it was certified LíderA++, being the first building in Portugal to have achieved the top rating A++ with the highest score so far. This means to be approximately 10 times more sustainable / efficient than a usual building.

The Oasis House - Passive House
The Oasis House - Passive House The Oasis House - Passive House
Casa Oasis - LiderA++ Certificate
Casa Oasis - James Villa Green Award

Summary of features:

  • Location: Estoi, Faro
  • Year built: 2003
  • Exterior perimetral area ≈ 200m2 on two levels
  • 2 living rooms, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, kitchen and storage
  • Indoor heated pool and outdoor pool
  • Optimal natural light
  • Minimum maintenance, sustainability and maximum durability
  • Even with annual outside temperature variation monitored between 0.3°C (winter) and 42,9°C (Summer), energy consumption for indoor comfort was ≈ 0 (zero) keeping passively, the quality of indoor air with the following conditions:
    • Indoor temperature between ≈ 68°F (winter) and ≈ 79°F (summer)
    • Relative humidity between 30% and 70% in 99.8% of the time
    • Interior homogeneity between the hygrometric temperatures and radiant surfaces - absolutely comfortable
    • Maximum air concentration of carbon dioxide always healthy - 99.7% of the time below 1,000 ppm and 77% of the time below 600 ppm - always healthy

Oasis Clients. Construction in the Algarve

Hundreds of private customers, condominiums and municipal councils in the Algarve since 1986.

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  • Soares da Costa, S.A.
  • Amadeu Gaudêncio, S.A.
  • Carlos Eduardo Rodrigues, S.A.
  • Aldeia do Mar
  • Vale do Lobo
  • Quinta do Lago
  • Longevity Resort - Monchique
  • Enatur, S.A.
  • Bovis
  • Alto Golf Club
  • Quinta das Salinas
  • Vila Vita
  • Mantal, S.A.
  • Garvetur
  • Vilamoura Resort
  • Quinta do Perogil
  • Dunas Douradas
  • Universidade do Algarve
  • Tavira Garden
  • Vila Sol

Member of the Portuguese Association of Professional Builders of Pools, Sport and Leisure Facilities APP

Passive house designer certified by the Passivhaus Institut from Germany Passive House Institute

The Oasis brand belongs to
Tecnilazer, Projects and Constructions, Ltd.
Builder's License No. 17488 - ICC

  • ADENE - Agência para a Energia
  • INETI - Instituto Nacional de Engenharia, Tecnologia e Inovação
  • Instituto Português da Qualidade
  • LNEC - Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil
  • Governo de Portugal - Ministério da Economia
  • QREN - Quadro de Referência Estratégico Nacional
  • União Europeia - FEDER
  • PRIME - Programa de Incentivo à Modernização da Economia
  • Direcção Geral de Energia e Geologia
  • AECOPS - Associação de Empresas de Construção Civil e Obras Públicas
  • PME Líder